Simon Says, “Who’s In Charge”?

Should I listen to Windows 10?

Voice of the Client: Should I take orders from Windows 10?

Time Waster: Windows 10 is persistent about letting me know what it wants and frequently interrupts my workflow with reminders like this one.  I’m not sure if what is good for Windows 10 is right for me.  With so much emphasis on security these days, having my privacy settings up to date seems important, and I’m concerned that the Windows 10 Update will somehow expose my personal and business information if I take no action.

The Solution: Large software and hardware companies use strong language to control the consumer.  Their suggestions are always focused on improving their sales or reducing their support expenses.  Selecting the settings most conducive to your need is more of a personal decision with many options.

  1. Match the level of privacy for business information to the amount of security you desire to provide to your clients. Even the strongest security settings may leave confidential information exposed, so consider going further with a secondary security software.
  2. Consider what type of personal information you store in your system and the consequences of it being shared without your knowledge. Financial information and even family pictures warrant a privacy setting that reflects exactly who can view them.

Impact: System and online privacy and security is a moving target.  As technology becomes more sophisticated and accessible to individuals with bad intentions, it will take more to protect your data.

To make sure your business and supporting technology are secured and functioning to the greatest capacity, work with a certified and reliable IT Support Professional.

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